Rooftop Grease Containment

Rooftop grease containment is a massive concern for all commercial kitchen owners and managers. NJ Hood Cleaners is at your service to provide the best kitchen cleaning services.

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What Is Causing Rooftop Grease Contamination?

Aerosols from grease, oils, and fats during the cooking process get sucked by the commercial kitchen exhaust system. As they move through the kitchen vents, they Harden and stick to the surface of the filters, fans, and ducts. Typically, fan blades catch more of the grease build up causing clogs and equipment damage. 


The improper seal on exhaust fans and joints, as well as the deterioration of materials, create leaks that can rise and accumulate on the rooftop. That, in turn, will allow the grease-filled roofs to scatter, especially during the rainy season. Unfortunately, some filter systems are only able to extract small portions of grease that go through the filters. 

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Without the correct and detailed rooftop grease containment, the roof might not be able to handle the volume of grease. In order to prevent roof system damage or to put a grease-control system on your roof, call NJ Hood Cleaners. Our professional hood cleaners are prepared to inspect, clean, and maintain your rooftop.

Reasons Why You Should Hire NJ Hood Cleaners

  • All roof systems must have preventive maintenance in place to avoid risks and improve the performance of the kitchen equipment.
  • Over time, the fatty acids and grease will damage the roof and become an expensive problem.
  • The grease and oil trapped on the roof and kitchen exhaust systems are detrimental to the quality of the building.
  • The grease from the rooftop is an additional hazard that could potentially ignite a fire or cause other issues for your entire business.
  • Rooftop grease containment is required by the local safety codes for all commercial kitchens producing low to a high volume of food production.
  • Rooftop grease opens up numerous and unnecessary liabilities such as health concerns, local safety code violations, personal injuries, and costly repairs.
  • Grease and oil contamination could be a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes and other insect infestations.
  • The sewer systems can get contaminated by oil and grease.
  • Rooftop grease can create damage to your roof and entire property.


Certain situations call for more extensive commercial kitchen maintenance. If you are on the lookout for high-quality and trusted hood cleaning services, NJ Hood Cleaners is the hood cleaners nearby that will get the job done.


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Effects of Rooftop Grease Contamination

The physical damage rooftop grease creates within your building is something you should be wary about. Not all rooftop systems react the same when it comes to grease contamination, some are more prone to deterioration than others.


  • EPDM or the thermoset roof membrane will swell and crumble with prolonged exposure to grease and fats.
  • The adhesives of the roof could get loose and result in the roof falling apart.
  • Blisters on the thermoplastic membranes will form.
  • The roof system could soften and break down.
  • Grease contamination will affect your building and roof warranty. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers will cover these kinds of damages.

NJ Hood Cleaners Is Your Rooftop Grease Containment Guardian


Believe it or not, fats, greases, chemicals, and oils get onto the roof of your commercial building. That is why you need a rooftop grease containment service done by professional hood cleaners.


NJ Hood Cleaners has been defending roofs from grease and oil contamination for years. We have contamination programs in place that will tackle your greasy roof. 


Regular maintenance of your roof is important to ensure that your commercial kitchen is performing at its best. Rooftop grease and oil need to be emptied or sucked out regularly. 


The structure of the building, especially the roof, is an important asset of your business. Regular maintenance is always better because you can avoid accumulating unnecessary repairs and costly roof replacements


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