Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention Service

NJ Hood Cleaners is dedicated to providing kitchen hood cleaning services. We protect commercial kitchen spaces from the risk of catching fire by helping owners comply with the basic fire and safety requirements and other local regulations. Our commercial kitchen fire prevention services will safeguard your kitchen from a devastating grease fire.

hood cleaning as a fire prevention service

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Fire Prevention Service with Hood Cleaning 

Our hood and kitchen cleaning company guarantees excellent service. For years, we have worked with multiple commercial kitchens and have proven our team as skilled and reliable. We value our customer relationships, and we provide top-notch services. Our professional hood cleaners have offered assistance to restaurant owners, chefs, and big institutions.

What Makes NJ Hood Cleaners Unique

  • We are trusted, committed, and certified hood cleaners.
  • All our staff are professional and courteous
  • We are prepared and equipped to tackle all kinds of hood and duct grease problems
  • We offer maintenance and repair services
  • Our professional hood cleaners have extensive experience in the exhaust, hood, and filter systems
  • Our hood and duct cleaning company is well aware of the fire and safety regulations and are implementing commercial fire prevention strategies
  • NJ Hood Cleaners are equipped with the right cleaning and degreasing supplies


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8 Recommendations to Prevent Commercial Kitchen Fire

Our kitchen hood cleaning company values customer relationships. So we ensure to keep them well-informed about some ways they can optimize safety in the kitchen. Here are our insights:

1. Be well aware of the clearance requirements.

NJ has specific codes and regulations regarding fire safety within commercial establishments, including kitchen environments. One of the basic clearance requirements you might need relates to certification of carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguishing units, and smoke detectors.

2. Understand your kitchen equipment.

Commercial kitchen equipment requires the use of hoods, exhausts, and filter systems. Each item must have the material strength to resist fire and corrosion. Furthermore, all seams, lower utmost perimeter, and joins that directly catch grease should be welded to the hood to prevent fire from extending into the overhead of the infrastructure.


Learning the ins and outs of your kitchen equipment is necessary in order to expel or terminate possible fire at first sight. Knowing how the kitchen equipment works will also help you maintain its good working condition.  


3. Research where exhaust systems are required and the best systems to use.

Exhaust outlets should be securely mounted in the commercial kitchen, or in places where excessive amounts of grease, fume, and smoke are produced. Generally, commercial kitchens are required to have an exhaust system to legally conduct business.


There are different kinds and sizes of the kitchen range. Ensure that your exhaust systems can accommodate your commercial kitchen equipment.

4. Learn the basics of your exhaust duct systems.

A commercial exhaust system or also known as an extractor hood is a set of pipes made from metal where smoke emissions from the kitchen equipment pass through. It has a mechanical fan directly above the kitchen stove and sucks airborne grease, smoke, fumes, heat, and odor. It is essential in commercial kitchens in order to appropriately vent out combustion and avoid grease fire.

5. Acquire fire extinguishing systems.

You might be surprised that when it comes to the fire extinguish systems, there are also certain regulations one must adhere to, which includes:


  • The fire extinguishing system must be labeled, easy to identify, charged, and win working conditions.
  • The fire extinguishing system should be at least 10 feet from where the kitchen is located and near exit points.
  • All fire extinguishing units must be accessible and ready to use.
  • All the fire extinguishing units should be mounted only using their original hanging brackets with their operating instructions clear and easy to read.
  • The fire extinguishing systems must pass the minimum rating of 2A-10B: C.
  • All the fire extinguishing units must be inspected and certified by the fire safety contractor.
  • All mounted fire extinguishing units should be no more than 5 feet from the ground.
6. Have your commercial kitchen equipment inspected, maintained, and repaired regularly.

Although inspection and maintenance of kitchen equipment are conducted every 3 to 6 months, commercial kitchen owners and their employees must be trained to perform a basic inspection of the kitchen equipment. All staff and employees should be encouraged to do routine checks for any wear and tear that could potentially lead to bigger, most costly problems.

7. Commercial kitchen owners must take essential preventive measures to protect their facilities.

It is a standard that kitchen owners take responsibility for their cooking equipment which includes the kitchen hoods, fans, exhaust systems, ducts, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishing systems. As a commercial kitchen owner, you should be able to manage your cooking operation and premises, as well as, conduct or hire professional hood cleaners to inspect and maintain all equipment.

8. Recognize the significance of hiring a professional kitchen hood company.

Hood cleaning is an important factor to guarantee the safety of kitchen employees and customers. Dirt, food debris, grease, and smoke can create risks for the safety and health of people. That said, it is crucial to acquire the assistance of a professional hood cleaning company to perform all there is in the checklist to prevent fire and health risks.

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