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Quicker and better restaurant cleaning at your service! Talk with NJ Hood Cleaners and let us know how greasy your kitchen, commercial kitchen equipment, and appliance are, and we will give you a free quote.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Done By Pros

Do not let the greasy floor and dirty equipment stop you from serving your mouth-watering meals to your customers. Restaurant cleaning is our specialty, so get in touch with NJ Hood Cleaners today.


Here’s what we do best:


  • Remove grease and grime from commercial kitchen equipment and commercial kitchen appliances
  • Deep clean the greasiest surfaces in your restaurant’s kitchen
  • Make your kitchen tiles sparkling clean again
  • Dispense and vacuum the nastiest grouts and corners
  • Remove all kinds of the residue using the right tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions


Traditional mopping will not do the trick. That will simply spread bacteria and soil to other parts of your restaurant. The way to clean your restaurant is to hire a professional cleaning company or restaurant cleaning service.


NJ Hood Cleaners is composed of highly-trained individuals who can guarantee no soil and bacteria gets left behind. We will ensure your business will pass the safety and sanitation codes.


restaurant cleaning service

Why Choose NJ Hood Cleaners?

Aside from our years of experience, the NJ Hood Cleaners team has developed an effective and efficient method to clean all kinds and sizes of restaurant kitchens.


  • Our techniques for restaurant cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, and commercial kitchen appliance maintenance are sure to have long-lasting effects.
  • Our employees and technicians take their duties seriously.
  • We use safer methods to ensure the employees and customers will not acquire injuries and health issues.
  • As a hood and duct cleaning company, we are familiar with how a restaurant operates, including its commercial kitchen equipment and commercial exhaust systems.


NJ Hood Cleaners will carry out all your restaurant cleaning service needs. With the assistance of our professional hood cleaners, you can focus on serving delectable meals to your customers, while we take on the regular or monthly cleaning services. Just give us a call if you need a restaurant cleaning service, our team is prepared to take on a job as fast as a tow company nearby

Our Recommended Restaurant Cleaning Service Checklist

The exterior of your restaurant will make people want to stop by, but it is the interior that will make them want to stay. That said, a good first impression from your customers is critical to have. Make sure that you are not losing customers by following this restaurant cleaning checklist:

  • Gather all the essential supplies needed to clean the surface of your restaurant.
  • Use gas spray cleaners when dealing with glass windows and partitions.
  • A high-powered vacuum will suck all dirt and food debris, so powerful that up!
  • Fruit flies have no place in your restaurant, so sanitize all food containers.
  • Unusual odors could be coming from pest infestation like roaches and bugs, or from dead rodents. Track and remove them immediately.
  • Scratching and skittering sounds from the wall could mean bug infestation, get the professionals to clean the area right away.
  • Do not forget to check and clean the communal condiments, especially those that are placed on the tables, including bottles of salt, pepper, sugar, and ketchup.
  • Ensure all tables are wiped clean and ready to accommodate guests.
  • Sanitize all the silverware and napkin containers.
  • Spray and wipe down all the restaurant menus. 
  • Tend to any live plants you have, or clean and sanitize faux plants and other displays.
  • Rodents nesting on areas inside or outside your restaurant are usually the culprit for cardboard or plastics that appear to have been chewed upon, layout trap measures, and clean surfaces immediately.
  • Do not let any and all food-contact items and services get greasy and dirty.
  • Food containers should be airtight and free of molds and residues.
  • Check any pest infestation in shelves, under seats, large displays, restaurant corners and ceilings, and other areas.

Restaurant cleaning is not an easy task. That is why a professional restaurant cleaning service and hood cleaners are needed. NJ Hood Cleaners can do both!

Improper cleaning of restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment can lead to individuals getting injured or sick. Avoid encountering safety and health issues at all costs. Make an appointment with NJ Hood Cleaners today.

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