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Finally! A commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service in Northern NJ that will get rid of trapped grease, smoke, and grime completely. 

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What ‘s a Hood Cleaning Service?

Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is a process done by professionals to completely remove accumulated grease and debris inside the hoods, vents, filters, fans, and ducts. Often, hood cleaning is imposed on businesses and establishments operating with kitchens such as restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, hotels, and nursing homes that frequently use high-volume cooking to feed the crowd.

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Any kitchen exhaust system leaves residues that when left untreated will eventually pile up, damage the hood range, and cause health issues to staff and customers.

Commercial vent hoods are typically made from stainless steel, and are therefore not immune to fingerprints, smudges, dirt, burn, grease, oil, and smoke buildup.  

As a commercial kitchen owner, what you want is to minimize risks in your kitchen such as grease and oil buildup, which subsequently increase the risk of fire, injury, and food poisoning. 


Allowing grease buildup in your kitchen range hood can lead to other hazards like:


  • Environmental problems
  • Penalties from local water and air control laws
  • Attract pests and flies
  • Encounter a serious sanitation issue
  • Plumbing problems
  • Fat, Oil, and Grease Charges


Having a professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning service to get rid of the grease buildup and perform regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial. 


Benefits of hiring seasoned hood cleaners include:


  • Improved health standards
  • Odor removal
  • Compliance with the local sanitation regulations
  • Improve ratings by customers and inspectors
  • A cleaner working environment
  • Better ventilation for smoke

Simple Cleaning Doesn’t Work Anymore. It’s Impossible to Make Your Kitchen Free Of Contamination, Health Issues, And Fire Hazards Without Us.

Dear Commercial Kitchen Owner,

If you would like to guarantee your kitchen hood passes the local commercial kitchen sanitation requirements, then we have the most exciting message you would read today.


We know how you can avoid fire and health hazards coming from your kitchen hood.

But you can simply scrub and wash the kitchen range hood yourself, right?

With cheap hood cleaning supplies, everything will be a-ok, right?


While you can definitely purchase kitchen hood cleaning chemicals and perform kitchen hood cleaning on your own…

The fact is, you can only prevent potentially dangerous particulates and other risks by allowing professional hood cleaners to ensure the right kitchen hood cleaning supplies are used and that the kitchen exhaust hood is cleaned and maintained up to all regulations.

And what if you don’t hire the skills and knowledge of a professional kitchen hood cleaning company?

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Well…According to “Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machine,” by the NJ Department of Health & Senior Services, any person who violates the provisions will be liable for penalties and an injunctive action as provided by the law, or both.

So if you’ve put all your trust in your own instincts and kitchen hood cleaning skills…

These alarming truths will likely scare the pants out of you!

Millions of Americans get sick every year from harmful bacterias and germs from restaurant meals.

Food poisoning is no joke.

The CDC estimates that at least 48 million people acquire diseases from food, around 128,000 are hospitalized, and about 3,000 deaths each year.


Not only that! 


Thousands of restaurants in the United States catch fire each year, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage.


And things are only going to get worse if restaurant owners do not adhere to the sanitation steps for the foodservice industry. 

So here’s the solution we can offer: maybe you’ve been cleaning your kitchen hood in the past but didn’t have the right restaurant sanitation checklist to follow…

Or you may have even forgotten to clean the kitchen hood for several years…

And you sure are determined to pass all regulations to continue providing the best dish to your customers…

The only thing that matters now is how we can help you out.

We are a no-nonsense kitchen hood cleaning company. Period.

Regardless of what your kitchen hood issues are, we can provide the essential manpower, skills, and equipment to deep clean your commercial kitchen hood range that is often the biggest contributing factor in health and fire hazards.

We might come across as brutally honest, but that’s what we can guarantee.

We are more concerned with helping our clients achieve the best possible result and form a long-lasting business relationship.

Still, you might still be thinking about what makes us a great partner.

Why NJ Hood Cleaners Is Great

  • We ensure to provide our old and new customers the best experience and results.
  • We try to balance being a kitchen hood cleaning expert with having open communication with our customers and listening to what they think is the solution to their needs.
  • We know that our customers want an efficient hood cleaning service. We have a responsive team that will keep you in the loop and make sure you understand what needs to be done.
  • Over the years, we have built a great customer service experience by living up to our values, mission, and high-standard practices.

Have you given any thought to hiring a kitchen hood cleaning company with an expert team? What frustrates you the most about kitchen hood cleaning? If you are having trouble keeping up with sanitation standards, having our quality restaurant hood cleaning services on your side can make the difference.

    Seven Traits We Offer To Our Customers

    1- Convenience. We know that our customers love how easy it can access our kitchen hood cleaning service. In the competitive world of kitchen hood cleaning, NJ Hood Cleaners is the company you can trust to provide more convenience than ever.


    2- Dependability. You can count on NJ Hood Cleaners. Being dependable is one of the core skills we cultivate within our team. Are we dependable? Do our customers perceive us as a dependable kitchen hood range cleaning company? Being more professional is our core value.


    3- Superior Customer Service. Our hood cleaners want to make things easier for our customers. Our mission is to deliver excellent kitchen hood cleaning service, whether we provide customer service by phone call, email, or face-to-face.


    4- Quality. The quality of our services is critical to satisfying our customers, especially in retaining a long-term business relationship with them. NJ Hood Cleaners consists of experts, still, we try to improve our strategies and the overall quality of our services.


    5- Motivation. Our team of hood cleaning experts is determined and motivated to work hard and do a good job. Primarily, our motivation comes from our inner desire to help our customers meet their needs.


    6- Industry Knowledge. We know that you have a lot going on on your plate, so trust us on this: we have a way of helping you out. You want to work with industry experts and skilled teams, and that’s who we are.


    7- Willingness to Customize Strategies. One of the key ingredients that we have over our competitors is our conscious intent to listen to the needs of our customers. Customizing approaches is important to complete the work at hand.

    NJ Hood Cleaners is a trusted name for commercial kitchen hood cleaning service providers. We are trained and seasoned technicians that do restaurant kitchen hood maintenance, pressure washing, and other cleaning services.

    Please call us if you need restaurant or commercial kitchen hood cleaning service. We serve commercial establishments in the Newark, NJ area. NJ Hood Cleaners and our seasoned technicians are available Monday through Friday!

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