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What NJ Hood Cleaners Do Very Well

Our hood cleaning services deploy, high and low-pressure washing for all types of custom kitchen hood designs. We service restaurants, private kitchens, universities, hospitals, and other NJ commercial businesses. 

Our professional hood cleaners work around the needs of our customers. We prioritize what fits into their budget and schedule, not ours. As a team of expert hood cleaners, our goal is to make your kitchen equipment at its best..


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Hot Water Pressure Washing


NJ Hood Cleaners is complete with the proper pressure washing equipment to clean and degrease kitchen hood and exhaust systems. Our pressure washing uses the perfect combination of soap and hot water to completely remove the entire army of grease and dirt. This will also help reduce the total cleaning time spent in deep washing each kitchen component.


Safe Pressure Washing Solutions


Aside from our hot water pressure washing, NJ Hood Cleaners also provides high and low-safe pressure cleaning to all kitchen systems. We offer cold water pressure cleaning to quickly and easily remove food debris and smoke from the filters and exhaust components. 


As much as possible, we want our kitchen hood cleaning services to be eco-friendly for the benefit of all. That said, we pride ourselves on choosing the best cleaning solutions that can do the job. 


We Service NJ Businesses


NJ Hood Cleaners utilized the best equipment and tools to help commercial kitchens become pristine. Besides the skills and knowledge of our team members, we offer professional pressure washing for all restaurants in and around NJ.


Still, hesitating what pressure washing can do for you? Continue reading to unravel the benefits you could be missing out on.

Benefits of Our Pressure Washing Services

1. Maintain and increase your commercial kitchen’s value

Having your commercial kitchen clean and maintained, can add to the safety and value of the premises. When the interior of the kitchen is pristine, employers will be more productive. Conversely, when the commercial kitchen is deteriorating, the quality of service and work will subsequently decrease.

2. Prevent accidents or injuries in the kitchen

The build-up of grease, fumes, food debris, and smoke creates hazards that could trigger health and fire risks. Employees spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and these build-ups can contribute to sustaining injuries and health issues. Moreover, since grease is highly flammable, when left uncleaned, it can increase the risk of igniting a fire.

3. Reduce the possibility of acquiring allergies within the commercial kitchen environment

Cooking operations create irritating fumes that could be trapped in the exhaust systems. Besides the fact that it can ignite a fire, grease coating and dirt build-up also harbor bacteria and viruses that may also trigger health issues and allergic reactions. Pressure washing each component will help ensure each kitchen equipment is clean and functioning well..

4. Improve the quality and appearance of the kitchen equipment

It is no secret that a clean work environment increases the curb appeal of the premises. Everything in the kitchen tends to be greasy from cooking oil splashing everywhere. You will find them sitting on countertops, residing on the walls and cabinets. 


Such grease coating diminishes the quality of the kitchen equipment. But do not fret, paying a professional hood clean is a great option to tackle this problem. NJ Hood Cleaners offers pressure washing that will remove this type of kitchen disruption right away.


5. Quick results

Having professional hood cleaners guarantees that you can get your desired outcome, fast and thoroughly. Our team offers high-quality kitchen hood cleaning services without you having to give up a lot of work time and budget. We have the right strategies and complete equipment to guarantee results.

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