Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Every inch of your commercial kitchen needs to be cleaned. Good thing, NJ Hood Cleaners have years of experience with cleaning all kinds of kitchen equipment and appliances.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

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While your kitchen staff is great at cooking, NJ Hood Cleaners is the team you need for cleaning!


Our hood cleaners can detail your commercial kitchen from the fryers, ovens, grills, and large stainless equipment. But that is not all! We can also help remove stains on your walls, ceilings, and floors.


NJ Hood Cleaners have been serving the community with top-notch commercial kitchen cleaning. Our customers range from restaurants, hospitals, living facilities, school cafeterias, and more! If you need commercial kitchen cleaning, then give us a call. 


Our team of professional hood cleaners will carefully remove every piece of your kitchen equipment, place it in our cleaning tools and soaking tanks, gently rub and rinse until they are spotless again. So you and your team can focus on providing the tastiest food for your customers and not worry about the mess after!

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


Government regulations and the community expects a high standard of cleanliness from all commercial kitchens. That is to benefit not only the customers who support the products and services but the kitchen employees too.


There are numerous health risks that could sprout from contaminated food. Plus, the safety of the kitchen employees is being put at risk without the necessary cleaning procedures in place. And the area that could be harboring serious risks – all kitchen equipment!


Regardless of how small or big your commercial kitchen is, the volume of food production it churns out every day poses danger for the community if something goes awfully wrong just like grease and smoke vapor starting a fire.


There are various reasons why your commercial kitchen needs TLC from our professional kitchen cleaners. 

Improve ventilation of the kitchen

When our hood cleaners perform detailed cleaning on your commercial exhaust system, the ventilation of odor and smoke will significantly improve in your kitchen. You should know the air in your space is prevented from properly circulating if your kitchen exhaust system is clogged with grime and grease. You need better ventilation to keep the kitchen from having a nasty smell.

Diseases and fire prevention

A dirty commercial kitchen is a breeding ground for pests and bacteria. Over time, your kitchen will start to have mildew and mold due to the high volume of heat and moisture. Trapped food and gas particles can be very dangerous for everyone in the kitchen. When these particles cannot escape, they will contribute to making people sick or cause a fire.


Our commercial kitchen cleaning services will make your kitchen sparkling clean even after a long and messy day. As a restaurant and kitchen cleaning company, we know the effective methods that will get the results you need and want.

Compliance with the local food and safety code

Regular inspections by the local fire officials are nothing new, especially for all commercial kitchens, to guarantee that everyone is abiding by codes. If your commercial kitchen is found to be in violation of any of the standards, your business might be shut off, which will cost you more money and time to reopen again.


Avoid getting fined or be put out of business by allowing expert hood cleaners and commercial kitchen cleaning service providers like NJ Hood Cleaners, keep you in line with the local safety standards. 


Schedule a routine cleaning with NJ Hood Cleaners

Depending on the type and volume of cooking you perform with your commercial kitchen, our recommended guidelines for routine cleaning is:

  • Annually

If the operation is only seasonal or when doing a low volume of food production

  • Semi-Annually

If food production is in average volume just like pizza restaurants or coffee shops.

  • Quarterly

If food volume is high to average or if the commercial kitchen is in use for 24 hours.

  • Monthly

If the kitchen and its equipment are producing food for 24 hours, fast, and high in volume.

NJ Hood Cleaners gets the job done right

Our team and kitchen hood cleaning service get the job done right. The priority of our hood cleaning maintenance is to help clients comply with local regulations and keep germs and viruses away.


The services we offer cover all types and sizes of kitchen equipment, as well as custom kitchen hood designs. Our kitchen cleaning services and maintenance extend to all kinds of commercial kitchens.


NJ Hood Cleaners is the right team that will ensure thorough and convenient kitchen cleaning for you. Contact us to get an estimate or talk with our representative to know more about our commercial kitchen services.

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