Restaurant Duct Cleaning

NJ Hood Cleaners offers restaurant duct cleaning services designed to remove dirt and Grimes on your restaurant’s duct, ventilation, kitchen hoods, trash chutes, tanks, and more!

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Restaurant Duct Cleaning in NJ

For any restaurant owner in NJ, it is important to ensure that your kitchen range hood and ductwork is enough to accommodate the volume of preparation you are doing on a daily basis. Moreover, it is crucial that your kitchen duct system is carefully designed and fitted, as well as, have easy access points for cleaning, maintenance, or repair works.


NJ Hood Cleaners is a seasoned hood and duct cleaning company with years of experience cleaning restaurant ducts. Our expert hood cleaners know how to correctly disassemble and reassemble your exhaust system, ductwork, and other components.


Over time the grease being sucked by the exhaust system will stick to the metal surface and attract more dirt and debris. If left uncleaned, the build-up will cause more costly issues like breaking the filters and fans. 


A clean exhaust system and ductwork are what you want. And that is what NJ Hood Cleaners are able to provide. We will ensure efficient work and leave no trace of dirt, grease, and smoke on your ducts, vents, and hoods.


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Uncleaned and Faulty Ductwork Means Trouble


Ductwork is one of the most important aspects of a commercial kitchen. Aside from the local regulations requiring it, having clean and effective ductwork will increase the performance of your commercial kitchen equipment and appliances. Furthermore, it will help keep the employees going and not worrying about possible risks and concerns.


An improperly designed ductwork creates issues and expensive replacements. Plus, it causes poor air quality and so much more!


On the other hand, hiring professional hood cleaners just like NJ Hood Cleaners will eventually pay off. The benefits extend to preventing possible health issues and injuries, as well as, saving on operating costs.


If your ductwork is clean, you will enjoy:


  • The whole exhaust system and ductwork giving off the correct volume of heating and cooling needed in the room.
  • The ductwork avenging drawing in fumes and airborne contaminants.
  • The ductwork will correctly balance the air and pressure inside the commercial kitchen.

It is critical that all ductwork is kept cleaned and secured. The joints should all be working and seams tightly sealed to avoid creating problems.


The commercial exhaust system, including the ductwork, is one of the things local officials inspect for leaks and other potential dangers. Hence you should let professionals deal with its cleaning and maintenance.


NJ Hood Cleaners is a hood cleaning service provider you can depend on. We will not waste one bit of your time and money! 


Our top priority is to help make commercial kitchens clean and safe, so you and your people can be on top of your game. When it comes to big issues, such as grease and oil removal with your kitchen ductwork, we are the restaurant duct cleaning service to call.


Is It Necessary To Do Restaurant Duct Cleaning?

The simple answer is yes. Grease duct cleanings are essential to prevent accidents from happening. Ductwork filled with oil and grease is highly flammable. We recommend you consult with NJ Hood Cleaners to learn more about the status of your duct systems.

Our team will inspect your commercial exhaust system together with the ductwork, tanks, trash chutes, and vents. We will not stop until all is clean and safe. 

The duct pipes consist of several components. You can rest assured that our team will tackle each component and leave no surface uncleaned.

Do not gamble the lives of people and your business. Call our professional commercial kitchen cleaners to clean and maintain your restaurant’s duct system.

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