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NJ Hood Cleaners is a hood and duct cleaning company that follows a quality preventive maintenance program for all your kitchen equipment.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning  Services

There are different ways food is prepared and cooked inside a commercial kitchen. It is crucial that you understand the necessity of kitchen equipment cleaning. Understanding information about each piece of equipment will allow you to perform basic cleaning and troubleshooting during specific situations.

  • Grease on kitchen floors

Commercial kitchens are often very busy. Food debris everywhere, smoke, and fumes circulating the space. All that contributes to germ build-up can adversely affect the quality of food you produce. Moreover, such droplets can stick to the floors and become a trip-and-fall hazard for all the employees. 

Food-borne illnesses are not only accumulating on the kitchen equipment but on your commercial kitchen floors as well. And unfortunately, mopping will not completely eradicate germs and bacteria.

NJ Hood Cleaners has the solution you need. Our hood cleaning services include cleaning grease from the floors by scrubbing and vacuuming the entire surface. We are equipped with an industrial kitchen degreaser that will remove the greasy mess from your floors.

  • Stainless steel equipment

Most commercial kitchens operate with stainless steel equipment like kitchen hood, commercial exhaust system, worktables, and sinks. Stainless steel is a kind of material that is common for kitchen equipment since they are resistant to corrosion and bacteria.

To guarantee that your kitchen equipment is spotless, our team of hood cleaners will use the right cleaning supplies. We will ensure that the surface of your equipment is clean, dry, not contaminated with food debris and chemicals, and ready to use.

  • Cleaning commercial kitchen appliances

You should not wait until your kitchen appliances are covered with dirt, grease, and grime. Cleaning commercial appliances may not sound important, but anyone running a restaurant or commercial kitchen should put it on their list of priorities. 


The truth is that regular cleaning of appliances will make your job so much easier. The appliance will be squeaky clean and function accordingly. 


The NJ Hood Cleaners team will provide hood cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, and appliance cleaning to you. Each appliance has its own manufacturer’s recommended cleaning and maintenance practices that we are well-aware of being in the cleaning industry for a long time.


Our best practices for maintaining commercial kitchen appliances and the cleaning supplies we use are manufacturer-approved to prevent damaging the unit. We deal with custom kitchen hood designs, big and small appliances.

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NJ Hood Cleaners Essential Cleaning Supplies Checklist

To deep clean your commercial kitchen equipment and appliances, these are our must-have cleaning products:

  • Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is essential for cleaning a commercial kitchen space. We are equipped with a versatile, heavy-duty, and easily adjustable vacuum to clean your kitchen floors.

  • Sponges, squeegee, and microfiber cloths

A microfiber cloth is needed when drying the surfaces of the kitchen equipment and tools. Sponges and squeegees also come in handy when deep cleaning the kitchen appliances. These commercial kitchen cleaning supplies will effectively scrub and eliminate the build-up of dirt and grease.

  • All-purpose cleaner

Cleaning products are essential to have in our cleaning caddy. We use are less toxic and much better for the environment and people without losing their quality to remove stubborn stains.

Cleaning your kitchen equipment and appliances is an integral part to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Although regular cleaning will help freshen up your commercial kitchen, it may not completely get rid of or reduce the spread of dirt and viruses. NJ Hood Cleaners will help make the whole process easier for you.

Having the right commercial kitchen equipment cleaners is important


When you are running a commercial kitchen, the safety and health of all your customers, including your employees, depends on the cleanliness of your space and equipment. That said, it is essential to hire a professional hood and duct cleaning company that will eliminate any hazard, dirt, and bacteria.


NJ Hood Cleaners consists of experts and trained hood cleaners that will help sanitize all your commercial kitchen tools and equipment. Do you need more tips and insights? Get in touch with us now.

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