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Know Your Kitchen Hood Filter

Hood filters are installed inside the kitchen hood and are located over your commercial kitchen stove. Without the hood filters, the smoke, odor, and particles will not circulate properly. And the chances of the hood and exhaust system failing is high if the hood filters are left uncleaned for a long period of time. 


There are a variety of brands and types of hood filters available in the market, and our hood and duct cleaning company have experience inspecting, installing, and cleaning each type.

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  • Galvanized Hood Filter

This type of hood filter is usually priced on the lower end and not recommended for long-term use, especially when doing a high volume of food production. The galvanized hood filters are much flatter unlike the other kinds of filters and turn into dark colors or corrode just after several uses. Hence,they are much harder to clean.

  • Aluminum Hood Filter

This type is commonly used in kitchens that have a low volume of food preparation and cooking. Compared to the galvanized hood filters, the aluminum-built filters do not take much to bend and destroy. Plus, they can also corrode quickly after getting exposed to a degreaser.

  • Specialty Hood Filter

This kind of filter is typically made with stainless steel, extra shiny, corrosion-resistant, comes with riveted hooks, and is a custom size. The specialty hood filters do not only look better but last longer and are way easier to clean.

  • Hinged Hood Filter

The hinged framed filter is specifically designed to trap more smoke and grease. But due to its unique design, it is quiet to operate and the slots create less strain on the whole exhaust system. Plus, it allows for thorough cleaning both inside and outside.

  • High-Performance Baffle Hood Filter

This kind of hood filter is often used in commercial kitchens like restaurants that are heavily laden with fumes, grease, and smoke. Unlike the other types of hood filters, high-performing hood filters are fully welded, built using all stainless steel, and have extremely easy grease extraction features. 

  • Hood Filter Accessories

Hood filters also come with small parts or components that attach to the hood and exhaust system. These hood parts require cleaning, repair, or replacement as well. NJ Hood Cleaners will get that done fast and effectively for you! 

If you have specific questions regarding your kitchen hood filters, commercial exhaust system, and our hood cleaning services, please call us. NJ Hood Cleaners is always ready and determined to help!

Hood Filter Cleaning Service Nearby 

You might be wondering how to detach your range hood filter. But removing kitchen hood filters is better left to a professional hood filter service like NJ Hood Cleaners, since it involves:


  • Carefully lifting back the kitchen range hood filter
  • Gripping and pushing up the handles as necessary
  • Moving the filter back and forth 
  • Sliding out the hood filter as gently as possible to avoid scratching or damaging the kitchen equipment


Kitchen range hood filters differ in size, style, and style. It is important that you know how to detach and attach each hood filter part before taking out the filter for cleaning.


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