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The standard on sanitation regulations requires that commercial kitchens must uphold a sanitary cooking environment. Business owners are required to conduct regular examinations and maintenance of their kitchen equipment to avoid serving people with toxic materials and other health hazards. Harboring an unsanitary environment can lead to pests as well as fire hazards. One of the most challenging areas to clean is the kitchen hood. NJ Hood Cleaners  provides restaurant hood cleaning services for all restaurants and commercial kitchens.  

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An Effective Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service

All commercial kitchens need to have a kitchen hood range and a reliable hood cleaning service. Not having an exhaust hood can lead to problems in the air quality. That just means that all people working inside the kitchen might acquire harmful stuff that will affect their health and work performance.


The use of an ineffective kitchen hood range is another huge problem that you should take care of right away. If your kitchen hood is covered with grease and food debris, there is a tendency that they are preventing the equipment from functioning well. 


Kitchen hood ranges are used to pull out air contaminants from the room. You can mitigate its recirculation by maintaining a clean range hood. Hiring a hood cleaning service who is familiar with the process and able to provide a high-quality kitchen hood cleaning service that you need.


NJ Hood Cleaners can help improve the indoor air quality in your kitchen and make your cooking easier. Schedule a meeting with our representative and let us start discussing how our kitchen hood cleaning service can help you.

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What Kind Of Kitchen Hood Range Can We Clean?


There are several types of kitchen range hoods we deal with every single day. No matter how big or small your commercial kitchen hood is, we have the perfect cleaning solution for them all!


Over the years, our team of hood cleaners has assisted hundreds of customers with greasy kitchen hoods. The most common styles and designs include:


  • Wall Mounted Range Hoods. This is the most common type of kitchen hood that can be found either in a commercial or residential kitchen. This kind of vent is mounted securely against the wall and at least 30 inches above the stove or cooking surface.


  • Range Hood Inserts. This is considered a custom kitchen hood design that is built according to the style of the kitchen cabinets. That is why it is only common for residential kitchens.


  • Island Range Hoods. This type of kitchen hood is typically used in restaurants. Unlike the wall-mounted range hood, this one is attached to the ceiling. Different materials are used to style a custom kitchen range hood including hand-carved wood, tiles, and marble.


  • Ducted Range Hoods. Just like the island range hood, this one is also mounted on the ceiling. The ducted range hoods also fit with other hood types.


  • Under Cabinet Kitchen Range Hoods. This is another kind of kitchen hood frequently installed in residential homes. It is a great option for amplifying the use of the walls, especially in small kitchens.


  • Professional Grade Kitchen Hoods. This is the most powerful, most efficient kind of kitchen hood. This gives the best quality of service and ROI for businesses, hence, deserves the best maintenance and cleaning service.


If you are having a dilemma about the proper method for cleaning your kitchen range hood, NJ Hood Cleaners has a selection of kitchen hood cleaning services that will make your equipment squeaky clean again.


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A Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company You Can Trust

You do not have to have a restaurant to have a commercial kitchen. Even hotels, cafeterias, and nursing homes use commercial kitchens. And just like any other kitchen hood range, they are prone to trapped grease, food debris, and oil. 


To overcome these common kitchen hood issues, you need professional hood cleaners to deal with them. Hood cleaning is essential for any establishment with kitchen equipment. If you hire NJ Hood Cleaners, you will get high-quality commercial kitchen hood cleaning. 


  • We will carefully handle the range hood and detach the filter for degreasing
  • We care about the health of our team and customers, so as much as possible, we use non-toxic solutions and degreasers
  • Cleaning thick grease and residue from the kitchen hood range is no easy task, but we know the best methods to remove dust and food debris 


Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen hood should be completed by a professional Northern NJ kitchen hood cleaning service. Do not let the grease and dirt sit in your exhaust hood system for another day. Talk with our team today. 

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