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NJ Hood Cleaners is a proud professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company that has been serving Newark and Northern NJ. Our mission is to reduce the greasy problems hindering business growth and posing a burden of fire and health hazards on our customers. By providing the highest quality of restaurant hood cleaning service, we know we can take away these worries from you.

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Nearby

Keeping your kitchen exhaust clean is important for a number of reasons – safety precautions, keep bacterias under control, extend the lifespan of your kitchen equipment, avoid accidents, save on repair costs, follow fire safety protocols, and keep up with the food and safety guidelines.

National laws and state programs like the Food And Drug Safety Program regulates industries connected to food, drug, and cosmetic. Their major concerns include:

  • Enforcing food safety laws
  • Assist in the investigation of food borne issues
  • License and inspect food establishments


If your business is operating with a kitchen, then you are not exempt from adhering to the guidelines provided by the NFPA and NJDOH. 

You are required to have your kitchen hood and exhaust systems regularly cleaned and maintained.


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How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust


The recommendation for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is at least once a month or every 3-6 months.

The National Fire Protection Association imposes these guidelines:

  • Monthly 

Businesses and establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes that operate on a very high volume of cooking.

  • Quarterly

Any commercial kitchen that has moderate cooking operations.

  • Semi-Annually

Businesses that use kitchen exhaust systems on a low to moderate operation.

  • Annually

Systems that are only being used seasonally or during day camps and church or event gatherings.

NJ Hood Cleaners follows a meticulous process and our team ensures to leave the kitchen squeaky clean. If you need professional help cleaning your commercial kitchen exhaust, give us a call.

Signs You Need Northern NJ’s Best Hood Cleaning Service

By law, kitchen exhaust systems are required to undergo extensive cleaning. There are tell-tale signs that will make you realize the need to consult and hire a professional team of hood cleaners immediately.

The kitchen hood exhaust collects grease, oil, fat and smoke. You can easily spot the buildup of dirt and grease on the  surface of the exhaust. If your commercial kitchen exhaust begins to capture residue, overtime, the slimy film of grease will cover the entire exhaust and cause problems.


Health risks, environmental hazards and wear and tear on your kitchen exhaust are more likely to occur when hood and ventilation are left uncleaned. You can prevent your commercial kitchen risk-free and safe from burning down with professional help from expert hood cleaners.

Dirt and grease accumulation in your kitchen vents not only pose an increased risk of fire, injury, but also causes plumbing issues, unpleasant odor, increased vermin and FOG charges. Lingering grease attracts pest flies and rats that will have massive sanitation issues and lead to penalties or forced closure of your business.

NJ Hood Cleaners Service


Regardless of your kitchen’s size or the frequency of its operation, you, your staff and guests could be put in danger if the kitchen exhaust system is left uncleaned and unmaintained. NJ Hood Cleaners got you covered!

One of the most interesting facts about Northern NJ is it’s a great place to find businesses, restaurants, and even Northern NJ kitchen hood cleaning services. Our professional hood company has people you can trust who will treat your business as a top priority.

NJ Hood Cleaners knows how difficult it is to clean commercial kitchen hoods, but our team is up to the task. We know the best strategies to tackle every slimy issue.

Here is a range of our services: 

  • Conduct full inspection of the commercial kitchen exhaust
  • Provide a custom plan of approach for cleaning the exhaust
  • Share insights and best practices for keeping the kitchen exhaust on tip-top shape
  • Retain partnership for continuous maintenance


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