Exhaust Fan Hinge Cleaning

An exhaust fan hinge is a crucial part of the commercial kitchen exhaust system required by the local codes and insurance companies. NJ Hood Cleaners understands the benefits and use of an exhaust fan hinge kit and that it is a  necessity to keep them clean.

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How does an exhaust fan hinge work?


Exhaust fan hinge kits come in various forms and functions. Primarily, it acts as a movable joint that is attached to the exhaust fan and the curb which allows the system to be easily open and closed. 


Most hinge kits have a locking pin, chain attachment, and other mechanisms that keep the whole system from tilting back too far. In general, the hinge secures the exhaust in its place.


A hinge kit is a commercial kitchen investment worth taking. A high-quality hinge kit will help prolong the lifespan of your commercial exhaust system. Knowing all that, it is critical to keep the hinge clean and functioning well.


NJ Hood Cleaners are knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning all types of hinge kits. Our team of hood cleaners has dealt with numerous kitchen exhaust fans and hinge kits. Here are some kinds of hinges:

exhaust fan hinge cleaning
  • Quick fit hinge kits

You will find this type of hinge in standard or custom size. It is a great option if you want an easy-to-install hinge kit.

  • Inexpensive hinge kits

Many hinge kits in the market won’t break your bank account and get the job done. Just like the quick fit, affordable hinge kits can be installed in less than 20 minutes and are commonly made from heavy-duty steel.

  • Offset hinge kits

There are certain situations where the fan base and the roof curb have varying sizes. In such a case, what you should use is a hinge kit designed specifically for offset fan bases.


As a hood and duct cleaning company, we offer the best and cost-effective exhaust fan hinge cleaning services. Our professional hood cleaners are guaranteed to clean and maintain exhaust hinge kits using the right tools. 


Hinge kits are essential to keep your commercial kitchen equipment and appliances in their tip-top shape. Speak with our representative today and get an estimate.


Why do local safety codes and insurance companies require exhaust fan hinges?

Obviously, one of the main reasons why the local rules and regulations, as well as, most insurance companies require the commercial kitchens to have an exhaust fan hinge is because:

  • It makes the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance so much easier

Commercial kitchens heavily depend on the kitchen exhaust systems to blast up smoke, fumes, oil, heat, and grease. And since the exhaust system is in constant use, the buildup of dirt and grease on its surface, filters, and fans is fast too.


Hinge kits help eliminate any potential hazards or risks trapped in the exhaust system. The hinge allows easy access to ducts and filters. It makes dealing with rooftop grease contamination easy.

  • Protects the exhaust fans from getting damaged

Without a hinge kit, exhaust fans have to be taken out in whole in order to remove and replace broken components. Installing a hinge kit onto the system solves this problem. Hinge kits save time when removing, installing, repairing, or maintaining the commercial exhaust system.

  • Provides a proper draining solution

A hinge kit allows the water, grease, oil, and other contaminants to properly drain from the exhaust system. Exhaust system cleaners will have easy access when draining the ducts and be able to reduce and eliminate any risks and potential components that might damage the whole system.

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A hinge in place does not only make the whole system safer but it does help save time during maintenance work. That in turn, will also help you save up on money.


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nj exhaust fan hinge cleaning service

Our team of expert hood cleaners along with our tools and equipment can properly clean and maintain your exhaust’s hinge kit. You will realize that hiring professionals like us will have more benefits for your business.


If you have any questions about our exhaust fan hinge cleaning and other commercial kitchen cleaning services, just give us a call. NJ Hood Cleaners would be glad to prepare an estimate for your cleaning needs and complete details of the work we do.

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