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You want more customers to come to visit your restaurant. Your business must pass the safety assessment and health inspections. Your employees deserve the best working environment.


NJ Hood Cleaners will help you achieve that.


At NJ Hood Cleaners, we deliver the best kitchen and hood cleaning services. The goal of our hood cleaners is to help you propel your restaurant to the top.


Our local hood cleaning experts will perform tried and tested restaurant cleaning solutions, done right and professionally. We aim to make the restaurant’s cleanliness and safety win the customers’ trust. 


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The kitchen range hood is one of the most utilized commercial kitchen equipment. The exhaust hood system makes the air quality in the kitchen safe to breathe by removing pollutants and fumes which can cause fires and accidents. Eventually, though, the exhaust hood needs to be opened up and cleaned.

Mold, grease residue, and food debris get trapped in the exhaust hood system. Build up of oil, grease, and moisture also accumulates in the filters and fans. These contaminants cause problems when left untreated.

  • Causes fire-related incidents.
  • Adversely affect the quality of air.
  • Decrease protection of employees and customers.

You probably know that restaurants must have synergy in order to gain more customers. Our kitchen and hood cleaning NYC will help you achieve the clean and safe environment you need, and our restaurant sanitizing experts will impart strategic hood cleaning solutions.

Deep cleaning the kitchen and exhaust hood system is not for amateurs. As your hood cleaning experts, we guarantee to perform unmatched and effective services.

A restaurant cleaning service 100% geared towards your needs and requirements. All our kitchen cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies are tried and tested. Our hood cleaning team is ready for your kitchen range hood. We will get rid of the dirt, grease, and hazards to impress your future customers.

Hood Cleaning is Easy With A Professional NYC hood cleaning company

Our hood cleaning services were created to help owners to have a successful and safe restaurant. Sharp-looking kitchen range hood and safe to use and clean commercial kitchen equipment. Our offerings include everything that will improve the kitchen’s efficiency and aesthetic.


Here is what our NYC hood cleaning entails:


  • Hood cleaning plan.
  • Pre-cleaning inspection.
  • Removal and testing condition of hood filters and hood fans.
  • Grease cleaning.
  • Plastic protection for kitchen appliances, servicing area, and roof.
  • Scraping of the kitchen exhaust system.
  • Application of food-safe kitchen cleaning supplies.
  • Power washing of hood filters, fans, vents, ducts, and hood.
  • Clean up and polishing  of the kitchen area and roof.
  • Re-testing of the kitchen range hood and exhaust system.
  • Perform post kitchen hood cleaning inspection.

For most NYC restaurants, it is a challenge to find ways to maintain an immaculate kitchen and the exhaust hood system in particular can be difficult to clean. NJ Hood Cleaners is here to help you attain industry cleaning standards while minimizing the cost of the process.


With a broad range of kitchen and hood cleaning experiences, we have the know-how. We pledge to offer a hood cleaning service that will not cause stress and that actually works.


It is time for you to choose the best for your business. NJ Hood Cleaners has a wonderful restaurant and kitchen cleaning service that will significantly improve employee and customer experience.


To prove the quality of restaurant cleaning services we are offering, all you need to do is contact us. One of our restaurant sanitizing experts will provide all the details you need. 


Together, we can make your kitchen and hood safe and ready for the next day! Get in touch with NJ Hood Cleaners today!

What Should You Look For In A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning?

The kitchen range hood gets dirty over time. To prove value and safety in the kitchen, restaurant owners must ensure the kitchen exhaust and hood are not harboring hazards by having this regularly cleaned. 


Clean kitchen equipment will significantly make the customer experience better. With the right kitchen and hood cleaning experts, you will get the cleaning you deserve. 


NJ Hood Cleaners has the best hood cleaning team. Our restaurant sanitizing experts are:


  • Dependable. We have numerous successful cleaning projects under our belt. With respect to equipment, experience, and reliable expert cleaners, we have them all. 
  • Offers ease of service. One reason why clients subscribe to our services is because of the easy process we have. We make sure that the transaction from beginning to end is easy, quick, and stress-free.
  • Quality hood cleaning NYC. NJ Hood Cleaners guarantee we will meet or exceed your expectations. We have a trained in-house team ready to perform quality work.

The Best NYC Hood Cleaning Company is Near You!

Remember this: our mission at NJ Hood Cleaners is to help your restaurant have a clean atmosphere. 


  • We will get the cleaning job done.
  • We will provide clear terms of the agreement.
  • We will perform top-notch services.


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